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Agnes Scott Near Space Balloon Project

In the summer of 2014, MERLAB built a near space balloon payload with the Agnes Scott College physics department in celebration of the college's 125th anniversary. In addition to obtaining high altitude photos (with and without a picture of Agnes Scott herself!), the payload also recorded a variety of data, including temperature, pressure, acceleration, and radiation.

Cold test of cameras, tracking systems, and sensors
Balloon, parachute, radar reflector, and payload
Last view from the ground
Photo just after launch from Jasper County Recreation Center
Still climbing out
Broader view of the region
Starting to clear the haze layer
Above the few local clouds
View of Lake Oconee
Towering cumulus clouds in the distance
Clouds below, getting darker above
Looking like a planet down there
Earth's curvature is starting to be visible
Seeing quite far into the distance
Easy to see large scale structure in the cloud patterns
Pendulum motions beneath the balloon provide for some interesting camera angles
Above most (about 95%) of Earth's atmosphere
Some more impressive clouds in the distance
Highest photo with the unobstructed camera
Highest photo opposite camera (with Agnes Scott in her space helmet)